top of mountain 1Check out Top of The Mountain Honey Bee Farm, our featured vendor this week at the Blairstown Farmers’ Market.

John & Donna Coco began beekeeping in 2010. What started as a “hobby” quickly became a “passion” and has expanded to include hives spread out across 5 counties. In addition to their wildflower, buckwheat and locust honey, they’ve expanded their product line to include flavor-infused honeys, pollen, lip balms, soap, face masks, and candles.

top of mountain 3In the spring and summer months, when they’re not tending to the bees, they can be found at various local farmers’ markets educating people on the benefits of local, raw honey and the importance of honey bees in the global food chain. Recently, they “bought the farm” and are now expanding operations on their new 10 acre property!

You can find Top of The Mountain every week at the Blairstown Farmers’ Market. Stop by and say hi to Leo the dog, too!