Pittenger 2LL Pittenger Farm is our vendor of the week at the Blairstown Farmers’ Market!

Nestled in Green Township, less than 20 minutes from Blairstown, the 250 acre LL Pittenger Farms allows Lou Tommaso and Lori Pittenger the ability to produce and market natural meat products, a variety of quality hay, and non-GMO corn.

Pittenger 3The land is devoted to providing pasture for the animals and crop production. All of the animals are humanely raised and are on a strict vegetarian diet totally free from hormones, antibiotics, and steroids. The animals’ diet and environment is a vital part of producing quality, healthy and flavorful meat.

Pittenger-Farm_1“We have been in operation for 14 years. Over that time by trial and error we have developed our own feed recipes that we attribute to the unique flavor and tenderness. The LL Pittenger Farm was also one of the first local farms that had our product cut and packaged in USDA shop’s that allowed us to sell individual cuts of meat instead of a large portion of a animal.”

– Louis Tommasso, Owner and Operator of LL Pittenger Farm