bang 2 Bang Cookies is a new vendor this summer at the Blairstown Farmers’ Market. They’re a young, up-and-coming bakery based in Jersey City. They offer their awesome cookies at almost 20 different markets around New Jersey each week.

This is their story:

“Bang Cookies started when George and I were simply unfulfilled with our mundane 9-5 jobs. We were both passionate about food, and of course, especially cookies. We took a leap of faith and quit our stable jobs, and joined the unstable world of being entrepreneurs. We really felt that we could bring a deliciously soft and chewy, giant cookie made with high quality and wholesome ingredients to market. Many cookies use hydrogenated or man-made “oils,” whereas we think the taste of grass fed European style butter is much richer. Many cookies use the cheapest chocolate chips (often times Hershey’s or the like) but we think Belgium chocolate chunks are the way to go. Many cookies look past local and organic flour or local and organic eggs, but we believe in the sustainability of these practices. We simply just don’t take shortcuts in our process.

bang 3Every single cookie we make is one that we’re proud of and most importantly, one that we’d like to eat ourselves. I hope you get a chance to come out and try our delicious, soft-baked, fresh-baked giant sized cookies. (We sample them every week!)”

-Claire Huang, Founder of Bang Cookies